Doctor of Physical Therapy

The first professional degree in physical therapy was endorsed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The degree program will create physical therapy professionals who will be Doctors of Physical Therapy and will be capable to analyze and get development dysfunctions due wounds or infections by utilizing all physical means including; manual therapy methods, practice therapy, electrotherapy, and safeguard and restorative measures. Physical Therapists with the DPT degree will be specialists of decision to whom the public will have direct access for the determination of, intercessions for, and avoidance of impedances, environmental obstructions identified with development, capacity, and wellbeing. The DPT degree likewise satisfies the worldwide prerequisites for physical therapy education, so the DPT graduates could get equivalency effectively abroad.

Why Doctor of Physical Therapy:

A DPT degree, such as the one offered through the USC Division of Bio kinesiology and Physical Therapy, will prepare a physical therapy professional to work with individuals of all ages who have a variety of conditions such as traumatic injuries, neurological disorders, and job-related injuries. Physical therapists may work in a general practice or in a specialty setting (e.g., sports, pediatrics, geriatrics, hospital care, or wellness and prevention).

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