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  • Business Administration

    Department of Business Administration started its programs under the banner of “Asian Management Institute (AMI)’ in the year 1998. The department offers world-class, research-focused education to its students.

  • FEST(Faculty of engineering & Technology)

    The Engineering Department is dedicated to providing students with an in-depth and profound engineering knowledge by inculcating research, design, development, production and management skills, preparing them for a rewarding career in academia and industry.

  • Media Studies

    The media industry across the world has witnessed massive disruptions and innovations over the last decade. With that, media consumption patterns have also changed. Social media platforms have replaced many traditional channels of communication.

  • Education

    The degree programs offered under the Department of Education are designed to educate all learners in a diverse and changing world. The department has a strong reputation for preparing undergraduate and postgraduate students for teaching as well as educational leadership roles, and become a catalyst for change in the field of education.

  • Health Science

    The first professional degree in physical therapy was endorsed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The degree program will create physical therapy professionals who will be Doctors of Physical Therapy and will be capable to analyze and get development dysfunctions due wounds or infections by utilizing all physical means including; manual therapy methods, practice therapy, electrotherapy, and safeguard and restorative measures.